Vision: Ahmednagar Film Foundation is a firm believer of phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - The whole world is one family. It came in existence to create an environment which is healthy and supportive for new filmmakers which will increase love for film making along with the preservation of respective culture. There is plenty of potential talent in developing cities and rural areas which remains undiscovered due to lack of exposure and well cultural nourishment. “Ahmednagar Film Foundation” wants them to participate on our larger platform and wish to nurture people of Ahmednagar to understand the real taste of cinema. A small idea was born against this backdrop which resulted in creation of “International Film Festival of Ahmednagar” (IFFA). This festival places a focus on presenting cutting edge Media Art and Artist's Film with most of the participants in the short film program identified as Artists or Experimental Filmmaker. IFFA also aims to introduce new forms to the audience. IFFA is becoming a place of intercultural exchange and a platform for an artistic cinematic exploration to the rest of the world.

The History of Ahmednagar: Ahmednagar district is the largest district of the state Maharashtra. It has played an vital role throughout the history of India. Ahmednagar takes its name from Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who founded the town in the year of 1494, on the site of a battlefield where he won a battle against superior Bahamani forces. The victory broke up the Bahmani Sultanate, Ahmad established a new sultanate in Ahmednagar, also known as Nizam Shahi Dynasty. Ahmednagar still has several dozens of buildings and sites from the Nizam Shahi period. ‘Ahmednagar Fort’, once considered almost impregnable, was used by the British to house Jawaharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India) and other Indian Nationalists before Indian independence. During his confinement by the British at Ahmednagar Fort in 1944, Nehru wrote the famous book “The Discovery of India.” Ahmednagar is also a birthplace of the cooperative movement and has 19 sugar factories. It is proudly one of the biggest military bases in India. The town houses the second-largest display of military tanks in the world and largest in the continent Asia. It has been home to many famous political and religious personalities. The city has created many talented actors and film artists such as….



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“International Film Festival of Ahmednagar” weaves the local communities and international guests in the celebration of creativity and cultural arts in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.

International Film Festival of Ahmednagar 2021 is scheduled on January, 2021. IFFA welcome all films, short films and documentaries in professional and student category. Along with the other categories, IFFA also has a special ARMY category considering the historical and geographical background of Ahmednagar and its vital role in army.

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